With the love, entusiasm and the dedicaton that you would put into nurturing a tiny plant, Fabbrica del Panforte was estabilished in 1994 with the aim of reintroducing traditionale Sienese confectionary at its best, and making it a houseold name.

To produce its confectionery Fabbrica del Panforte draws on the original recipes of the Sienese confectionery tradition of the past, inheirited from the Master bakers of Panforte. With the knowledge that food products are an eesential part of the culture and way of life of a community, the confectonary of Siena also reflects the distinctive traits of the nature, the culture and the lyfestyle of the people of Siena: simple, genuine, original and natural.

The passion of the skill of those who work every day throughout the year to increase the value of these products and to offer the client an efficient service, allow for the sampling of our specialities, whilst at their best both for freshness ahd fregance.

Our graphics simultaneously represent our corporate philosophy and spirit, our respect for tradition and eye of details. Ad to this the dynamic drive represented by the search for new products, to better follow and satisfy the tastes and needs of the consumers of our times.

So Fabbrica del Panforte is like a tiny but vigorous plant, which by trusting its roots into the Sienese earth, extracts nourishment to produce healthy fruit that is both appealing and of excellent quality.




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