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Panforte PGI Nero (Spicy)

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Panforte PGI Margherita

12.50 500 gr buy
11.50 450 gr buy
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Panforte Figs and Walnuts

8.50 250 gr buy
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Panforte with Chocolate

12.50 450 gr buy
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5.80 100 gr buy


Try our cantucci, which are made carefully following the original recipe, to rediscover the flavours of traditional Tuscan sweets.

Buy our Cantucci


Rediscover the flavours of Tuscan tradition by sampling our amaretti. Delicious sweet treats that are made with the best raw ingredients and are gluten-free.

Buy our Amaretti


Rediscover the typical flavours of Tuscan tradition by tasting our ricciarelli, which are made by combining excellent quality raw ingredients.

Buy our Ricciarelli


Our Cavallucci will win you over with their crunchy texture on the outside, accompanied by a soft aftertaste of anise and candied fruit.

Buy our Cavallucci


Discover the fragrances of our biscotti, created according to a skilful process that makes them crunchy at the first bite and then brings out their flavour in the mouth.

Buy our Biscotti


We have chosen to preserve the excellence of our products by creating precious packages that can be kept even when the taste of our sweets will just be a pleasant memory.

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La barretta energetica P.Forte

Discover Panforte's energy properties thanks to this new product, which is capable of enhancing the performance of those who do sports while maintaining a typical and traditional taste.

Buy the P. Forte energy bar