Tuscan Cantuccini - Fabbrica del panforte

Tuscan Cantuccini

The Tuscan dessert that accompanies every end of a meal

Typical Tuscan traditional desserts, our cantuccini are produced following the original recipe dictated by the production regulations of the Assocantucini, an Association of Producers of Tuscan Almond Cantuccini.

Our cantuccini are obtained from the artisanal processing of excellent-quality ingredients including flour, almonds, sugar, eggs, butter and honey.

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Cantuccini with Almonds PGI

Traditional Desserts of Siena

8.40 500 gr buy
4.80 250 gr buy

Cantuccini with Almonds and EVO PDO Oil

The Delicacies of Fabbrica del Panforte

5.00 250 gr buy

Cantuccini with Pistachio

Traditional Desserts of Siena

7.40 250 gr buy

Cantuccini with Hazelnut

Traditional Desserts of Siena

6.00 250 gr buy

Cantuccini with Chocolate

Traditional Desserts of Siena

4.90 250 gr buy

Cantuccini with Orange

Traditional Desserts of Siena

4.60 250 gr buy

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