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Tuscan Cantuccini PGI

4,80€ / 250 gr Scatola
8,40€ / 500 gr Sacchetto

Cantuccini with almonds and EVO PDO oil

5,00€ / 250 gr

Cantuccini with Pistachio

7,40€ / 250 gr

Cantuccini with Chocolate

4,90€ / 250 gr

Cantuccini with Orange

4,60€ / 250 gr

Cantuccini with Hazelnuts

6,00€ / 250 gr


Discover or find our Panforte: one of the traditional Sienese sweets par excellence, whose recipe is dictated by the production regulations of the association for the protection of Ricciarelli and Panforte.

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Discover or find our Ricciarelli according to the original recipe with a mixture based on almonds, egg white and sugar. Our ingredients are always fresh and come from the best farms.

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Discover or find one of the most traditional sweets of Siena, obtained from the artisanal processing of excellent quality raw materials including flour, candied fruit, sugar, nuts, honey, coriander and aniseed. The texture of the horses is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dessert has a decided aftertaste of anise and candied fruit on the palate.

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Discover or find our Amaretti: soft sweets obtained from the craftsmanship of excellent quality raw materials, first of all the sweet and bitter almonds of Italian origin, soft, tasty and rich in essential oils that characterize their scent. The absence of gluten makes this product appreciated even by those who are intolerant and celiacs.

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Discover or rediscover our Biscotti, obtained from the craftsmanship of excellent quality raw materials that come from selected companies. The skilful processing makes our biscuits pleasantly crunchy at the first bite and then they melt in the mouth enhancing their flavor.

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